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Effective date:

Cookie policy
On 25 May 2018 the EU General Data protection Regulation entered into effect.

Please note that Pillar Development is carrying out data processing in accordance with the principles of the Regulation:

  • personal data processing is ensured only in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments, carried out transparently and in good faith;
  • personal data are processed for specific, predefined purposes, namely, for emailing you the information about the events taking place at Hanzas Perons;
  • personal data are processed only to the extent that is necessary for the processing purposes;
  • Pillar Development ensures precision of the processed data – incorrect data shall be corrected or deleted;
  • Pillar Development preserves the data no longer than it is required;
  • Pillar Development guarantees integrity and confidentiality of the personal data being processed.
What is a cookie file?

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Types of cookie files and their purpose

In order to ensure the basic functionality of the website and convenience user experience at the website, Pillar Development is using functional and analytical cookie files:

Functional or the permanent cookies are necessary for enabling the user to freely visit and browse a site and use the options offered by the site, including obtaining information about the services and purchasing them, and enabling us to execute the initiated request, as well as to enable the website remember what cookies you have agreed to. These cookies identify your device, but they do not reveal your identity, and do not gather and summarise the information. These cookies are stored at your device until the particular cookie fulfils its function. Yet if you choose to disable them, you should take into account that the website might not work properly.

Analytical cookies (third party cookies) gather information on how you are using the website, record the sections you were visiting the most, including the content you are choosing upon browsing the site. Information is used for analytical purposes in a summarised way in order to find out what the users are interested in, and to improve the functionality of the website to make it more convenient. Analytical cookies identify only your device; they do not reveal your identity.

Consent and withdrawal

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Additional information about cookie files

Additional information about the use and management of cookie files is available at EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) website

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