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art project for creativity after Covid-19

About event

Venue for culture Hanzas Perons and contemporary stage art series “Pārmija” are launching a new multidisciplinary art project “To Be Continued”. Project curators Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, Reinis Liepiņš, Mārtiņš Daugulis, Katrīna Neiburga, Džemma Sudraba, Agnija Grigule and Klāvs Mellis are welcoming to exchange thoughts about the questions they themselves are trying to answer. These days, when event holding is greatly restricted, authors of this project want to create conditions for making art, aiming to have new high quality projects to be prepared and ready for the moment the situation will become more suitable for on-site events.

“We came up with the idea of this project when we were contemplating on the times we are in – caught somewhere in between. This is our common and individual interim state, a lasting moment before the next step. And we are wondering, how can we continue from here – where to, how, with whom? At the same time it is a historical moment not only for the entire world, but for each of us as well. With this project we encourage artists to record it, catch it somehow in order to be able to look back at it on our next stage of life, and understand what we have gone through and how it eventually continued,” says Ieva Irbina, one of the authors of the project and head of Hanzas Perons venue.

Producers and curators of the project are calling everyone to become a co-author and a part of the creative team by submitting the moments you capture and the feelings you record. According to the idea of each curator, it can be a letter, some thoughts, a video or audio record, conversations recorded, photos taken or other forms of expression that are defined in the description of the topic. The submitted letters and other materials (that can be addressed to some particular person or imaginary character, feeling, disease or love) will be brought to life and demonstrated as combined works of art. How? It will depend on the materials submitted and the vision of the curators of the project and engaged artists. The submitted replies will be published on www.turpinajums.lv.

“Not knowing what the situation will be like in autumn and in winter, we cannot plan events of particular type. But we know that the centre of every event is content, and we can start the work on the content of future events right now. This project is basically an experiment, and we believe that it is going to be continued when we meet on site, when it will be allowed. Will it be an exhibition, a play or maybe a musical performance? It will depend on the time, location and space in which we will be allowed to come together again,” says Ļena Ferstere, the head and co-author of the project “Pārmija”.

Visual artists Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo will ask children under 10 a question “What is the most beautiful thing you have faced yet?”, encouraging children to work with their parents in submitting answers in audio and video formats. A researcher and lecturer from Riga Stradiņš University Mārtiņš Daugulis will be looking for an answer to the question “What do we consider normal today”. Agnija Grigule, head of creative social media agency “Honeymoon High”, will call her peers to share their experiences about relationships, calling them paranoic in the era of social media, where there is a lot of ghosting, when people are becoming a sort of stalkers.

Architect Reinis Liepiņš will be working on the topic of “Two Worlds”, which had been an important issue before, and has become an even more important one now, when Latvia is facing two realities of life, and two different perceptions of life, where one world consists of budget holders (state and municipality institutions employees) and the other – fillers of the budget (private companies and their employees).

Klāvs Mellis, director and actor of “Kvadrifrons”, is interested in dialogs that emerge in time when there are no real news and when one has already talked through everything and anything with their homies. In Skype, Messenger and Zoom conversations and chats we share the individual common nothing. But despite that we still keep talking, maybe even more than before.

Artist and scenographer Katrīna Neiburga is looking forward to your storied about your fears and coping techniques. While comic and member of Female standup association Džemma Sudraba will be trying to answer the question, what is home, because “since the request to work from home, do not visit public places and ban on travelling, people are forced to get to know better the place they used to spend the least amount of time in, and that time mostly being spent sleeping”.

About organizer

Association "Tuvplāns". Stage art event series "Pārmija".