“That's It!", a musical performance, dedicated to Viktor Tsoi
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“That's It!", a musical performance, dedicated to Viktor Tsoi

About the event

In the year when the famous singer and musician, the leader of the group "Kino", Viktor Tsoi would have turned 60, the Chekhov Theater in cooperation with Hanzas Perons has decided to stage a musical show "Lūk, tā!", dedicated to the man who has become one of the legends of the 20th century. .

Viktor Tsoi bright and sharp talent flourished in the "breaking era" of the 1980s. The expressed anti-war mood, the tangible resistance of the individual to the system in its various manifestations and forms, the deep individual shade of experiences, the strong and bright lyrics, the bold and memorable musical solutions characteristic of the group "Kino" coincided with the times and the spirit of change. At the moment, the songs of Viktor Tsoi and the band "Kino", which have been loved by many until now, are gaining relevance again and, in some sense, a second wind. They again - for today's us...

The performance will include 20 songs performed by theater artists. The well-known theater director Roman Smirnovs, who knew Viktor Tsoi, his family, friends and colleagues personally, will combine the plots of these songs into a single polyphonic narrative. The video material of the artist associated with Victor Tsoi and his friends is intended to be used as a presentation.

27., 28., 29th of October
24., 25., 26th of November
13., 14., 15th of November