Front row concert: Katrīna Gupalo, Andrejs Osokins
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Front row concert: Katrīna Gupalo, Andrejs Osokins
exclusive live concert series

About event

On 21 May Hanzas Perons culture venue (16a Hanzas St.) is launching an exclusive series of live concerts “Front Row Concert” that will feature well-known Latvian musicians and offer the audience to enjoy cosy acoustic concert performance and stories about the pieces played.

The new concert series will open on 21 May with the performance by Linda Leen, who will perform her songs and pieces of other composers by the piano, in between also offering poetry based on those song lyrics. Many new songs will be played for the first time ever. On 22 May concert series will continue with fresh versions of the pieces by Latvian composers, which will be performed by singer Jolanta Gulbe-Paškeviča, saxophonist Deniss Paškevičs and pianist Kristaps Vanadziņš, while on 23 May Hanzas Perons will welcome those who love exquisite French and American jazz of the 20s and classical music, which will be performed by singer Katrīna Gupalo and pianist Andrejs Osokins.

Given the gathering restrictions, each event will have only 20 seats, therefore the artists will offer three concerts in one day, each concert lasting 45 minutes. During the event there will be all the safety precautions met as provided by the state regulations. At each table there will be only one seat or, in case of family members, two seats. There will be wine glasses served for each table to warm up the atmosphere for the concerts. The tables will be placed in a way that will correspond to the name of the concert – to make everyone really feel like in the front row, enjoying both excellent sound and view and even having eye-contact with their beloved artists.

“This is the concert I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl – me and the piano. This instrument has always been my companion in composing music and my passion – it sings in thousand tones, it can give you power and tenderness, joy and sorrow. And now it seems like the time has come and the place is found! This concert story is going to be a challenge for me and an absolute surprise for my audience,” says Linda Leen.

"This concert story of pieces of Latvian authors in new sound is very special for me, and that is why I will be glad to share it with you in a small and friendly circle! I am looking forward to meet my audience in order to experience this magic only being together in music can give. True, live, present,” reveals Jolanta Gulbe-Paškeviča.

"We are so glad to see our audiences again! Yes, this time those will be just 20 people, but maybe this intimate atmosphere in the big Hanzas Perons hall will be that what will make this a unique and magical experience both for us and our audience," Katrīna Gupalo adds.

Concert series “Front Row Concert” is brought to you by the top professionals of Latvian event production industry – event agency “Ideju institūts”, venue for culture “Hanzas Perons” and technicians from “GaCo”.

“We all in the event industry are longing to see each other and our audiences, for whom we work,” says head of the event agency “Ideju institūts” Guntis Ērglis-Lācis. “The new safety restrictions allow us to organise small exclusive live events, which is great, because not even Latvia’s powerful internet connection and technological possibilities can replace the feeling of enjoying a concert live. Until now music lovers could only have dreamed about such a unique chance to meet their beloved artists in such a close intimate performance with just 19 other listeners.”

“Hanzas Perons is a place for people who love culture”, Ieva Irbina, director of Hanzas Perons says. “Without people this hall is just losing its purpose. And no event designed for online broadcasting can fill this emptiness, because no digital tool can transmit the unique atmosphere of our venue. Therefore we are glad to take part in organising this concert series, because we want to see people seeking quality live art in Hanzas Perons again”.

Concerts will start at 18.00, 20.00 and 22.00 every day. The doors will be open a half an hour before each concert session. Tickets: EUR 50 for one concert. Tickets are available at

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