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About the event

Over the last two years and especially in the last two weeks so much has happened, so much has been said, and yet so much is left unsaid. We have realized what it means to be together, how important is to talk to one another, understand one another. It is time for us to meet. At first, quietly and peacefully. Piano stories is a series of concerts for a small audience. Dim, peaceful, emotional. It is a chance to come really close to one another, listening to people’s stories, songs and piano pieces and discovering one another anew.

On 26 April at 19.00 Hanzas Perons is welcoming you to piano story with Ewert Sundja in his exclusive solo programme. Ewert Sundja is an Estonian singer and song author, as well as lead singer of Ewert and The Two Dragons, a recognized and beloved band in Latvia. Last autumn Ewert released two solo singles “Half of It” and “Goodnight, Goodnight”, which ended up in TOP25 of Latvian lists. It made Ewert return to his solo career for the first time since its beginnings 20 years ago.

We know and love Ewert as a part of Ewert and The Two Dragons, which is one of all-time most successful Estonian bands, yet the concert on 26 April is a rare chance to discover Ewert as a solo singer, song author and performer. This concert will offer previously unheard music, covers, classics of Ewert and The Two Dragons and songs written by Ewert for other artists. This time it is Ewert and piano, and nothing else.

And the stories, of course. How can we forget about the stories? Ewert is one of the most frequent travelers among Baltic pop musicians. He has been playing on stages in Baltics, Europe and the U.S. He has stories to tell. Come and enjoy an intimate and exclusive night at Hanzas Perons with Ewert’s sensational music and voice.